Think you're the shit? Want your website advertised on KommuNet?


It's so fucking cool, you had to get transported out of the homepage just to SEE IT!!

Get your site noticed by a lot of people visiting other people's websites! Share the love to other sites and grow the connections between the spaces!!

NOW! is not a typical advertising spiel. You're not getting charged to show it or getting paid for clicks. NOW! advertisements are purely for exposure. It's free to get your site on the list, all you need to do is e-mail meor ping me on discord and wait for your site to get added (how?). Your site will then have a chance of displaying on a regularly-cycled slideshow of advertisements that other webmasters can embed onto their pages.

For Advertisers

There are some guidelines for display:

For Webmasters

NOW! can be embedded onto websites pretty easily, as it's just an iframe with a script inside of it. Choose what size works best for your site and just... paste it in there!

The currently supported sizes are:

You can also divide or multiply the resolutions to upscale and downscale the ads. The aspect ratio will remain the same, however, if it's not in the 500x500 resolution then it may break on certain browsers.

Due to an internet explorer thing some lower sizes of any specific resolutions wont display properly like the one above
Hey man at least you arent having to connect to a server rn